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2017 OAB Annual Convention
Thursday & Friday, March 30-31

Skirvin Hotel, Oklahoma City

Mark your planner for the 2017 OAB Convention in Oklahoma City! A schedule of events registration information will be available soon, but our room block at the Skirvin Hotel is open. Rooms are $149 for single or double. We have a limited number of rooms, so book your reservation today!

Exhibit space is available for Friday, March 31. Click here for information and a reservation form.


2017 OAB Annual Convention

Thursday, March 30

8:00 AM

Registration Opens


OAB/OBEA Student Day Career Fair


Student Appreciation Luncheon & Awards Ceremony


SUPER SESSION: “The Big Thrill: Helping Clients Recapture the Thrill of Creating New Customers”
Tim Daniel, Organization Performance Group


“The Newsroom In Your Pocket”
Judd Slivka, Missouri School of Journalism


Legal & Regulatory Q&A
David Oxenford, Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP


OAB Reception and Buffet Dinner, and Live Musical Treat
Eat, drink, and network in the beautiful Venetian Room

Friday, MARCH 31


Registration & Continental Breakfast


SBE & Exhibitor Breakfast


Exhibits & SBE Engineering Conference



“Digital Presence: What Every Business Needs and How To Help Them”
Steven Weaver, GrowthWeaver LLC



“More Than a Phone and Almost a Studio”
Judd Slivka, Missouri School of Journalism


SUPER SESSION: “Radio 20/20: Our Challenges and Opportunities— News You Can Use”
Fred Jacobs, Jacobs Media; Steve Newberry, Commonwealth Broadcasting


SUPER SESSION: “Broadcast TV Plus Digital Impressions for Maximum Effectiveness”
Brad Seitter, TVB

12:00 - 1:30

OAB LuncheonKeynote Address TBD


1:45 - 3:15

“Radio Programming: The Keys to Success”
Fred Jacobs, Jacobs Media


1:45 - 3:15

“From Surviving to Thriving in Sales”
Derron Steenbergen, Swagger Institute


1:45 - 3:00

Washington Update: Regulatory & Legal Review
David Oxenford, Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP


"Sports Play-By-Play at the Highest Level
Toby Rowland, Voice of the Sooner Network


Annual Membership Meeting


OAB Awards and Hall of Fame Reception & Banquet
Achievement Awards and Hall of Fame Induction of Bob Barry Jr.


Party On, RON!
Reception hosted by Radio Oklahoma Network

Thursday, March 30

Super Session—The Big Thrill: Helping Clients Recapture the Thrill of Creating New Customers

Successful business owners are the key to Oklahoma’s future. Their need to innovate and be entrepreneurial is what will drive our economy and hire the best and brightest. Savvy broadcasters are uniquely positioned to be in the “sand box,” where new ideas can be tried and refined to win a new generation of delighted customers. Tim Daniel, owner of the Organization Performance Group, LLC, is a preeminent Applied Behavioral Scientist who advises and trains at the largest and most respected media companies. In this high-energy presentation, you’ll learn the strategies of broadcasters who become innovation partners with their clients.

Highlights include The Wilbur Wright Method: Measuring risk-taking and the cycles of learning; Sourcing: The power of two innovative companies collaborating to create new value to win new customers; and Triumph: The feeling of breaking through to a new phase of growth. This award-winning session is recommended for all broadcast sellers and broadcast managers.

The Newsroom In Your Pocket (Radio/TV)
Learn how to use mobile technology to increase your news coverage at a significant cost savings. Research shows that mobile penetration amongst millennials and college students is well above 90 percent, which makes your phone a potent newsgathering tool. Judd Slivka, professor of convergence journalism at the Missouri School of Journalism, will describe the apps and low cost accessories that can enhance your news coverage and give you an advantage over the competition. Recommended for all news personnel and OBEA students.

Legal and Regulatory Q&A with David Oxenford (Radio/TV)
OAB attorney David Oxenford will walk us through the latest developments on the legal and regulatory fronts. Learn the latest on pressing regulatory issues at the FCC and what we can do on the legislative initiatives in Congress. He will also walk us through the complexities of music licensing and how it affects our bottom lines. As the media landscape changes dramatically, David will detail the challenges and obstacles we will need to navigate through to successfully compete in this new world. There will be ample time for being interactive, so bring your questions. Recommended for all station owners and managers.

OAB Reception, Dinner, and Musical Treat—6:30-9:30pm
Join us for dinner, music, and a great view from the beautiful 14th floor Venetian Room at the Skirvin. Enjoy some great Oklahoma BBQ, followed by music from one of BMI's top new singer-songwriters.

Friday, March 31

Digital Presence: What Every Business Needs and How
You Can Help Them

Steven Weaver, CEO of the leading digital/social marketing firm GrowthWeaver LLC, will outline specific steps we can use to implement strategic marketing plans for our clients. More advertisers are looking for digital options in their marketing, and this session will help position you with a digital sales platform to enhance your brand and reputation amongst local and regional businesses. Steven will identify the three main needs of every customer and then give you the tools necessary to make their marketing successful. Recommended for all broadcast sellers and managers.

Super Session
—Radio 20/20: Our Challenges & Opportunities News
You Can Use

For over 80 years, Radio has proven to be uniquely qualified to adapt to listeners’ changing tastes and technologies. Currently Radio is at a pivotal crossroads in a crowded landscape, and while we have many challenges, we also have even more opportunities. Two of our industry’s best broadcasters, Fred Jacobs and Steve Newberry, will help us identify these opportunities and discuss how we can move forward with “Best Practices.”

This session will specifically discuss strategies such as: (1) The Connected Car, (2) Steaming and mobile delivery, (3) Mastering the digital tool kit, and (4) The revenue forecast and ways to generate new and more revenue. Bring your questions to this interactive session so that we all can embrace and grow in a world that is changing very quickly. Recommended for all radio professionals.

Super Session
—Broadcast TV Plus Digital Impressions
for  TV Maximum Effectiveness

As technology evolves, we have the opportunity to make our broadcast television advertising even more impactful. Brad Seitter, EVP of the TVB, will present the latest research on Time Spent Viewing and Consumer Influence to show that broadcast TV along with the RIGHT forms of digital advertising will provide the maximum lift for our advertisers.

Nielsen/Comscore research will help broadcast TV sellers at all levels understand the measurement differences between broadcast and digital video impressions and ultimately their effectiveness. This session will help organize your efforts into the “best practices” for making your television station the cutting edge of success. Recommended for all television sellers and managers.

SBE Engineering Conference (Radio/TV Engineers)
Join us for a full day of relevant sessions.
Recommended for all Broadcast Engineers.

More Than a Phone and Almost a Studio  (Radio/TV)
Mobile technology accelerates rapidly and just in the past year there have been remarkable shifts in how media is using mobile technology and what viewers expect. Professor of convergence journalism at University of Missouri Judd Slivka looks at what is working and what is not. He will also demonstrate the tools, apps, and accessories that will increase your quality and motivate your social engagement. With news being delivered on multiple platforms, Mobile becomes a key ingredient in the newsroom of every broadcaster. Recommended for all news reporters, producers, and editors.

From Surviving to Thriving in Sales (Radio/TV)
The Surviving to Thriving in Sales session is a high-energy, exciting way to make your commission checks bigger. Learn these simple steps often skipped or forgotten that will help you make more magic in your sales career. Derron Steenbergen, President of Swagger Institute, will motivate you to use creative approaches to prospecting, new business development, and building better relationships.

Derron is one of the very best sales trainers, motivators, and relatable sales guys you will ever meet. Thousands have left this session with specific tips to make their business more successful and, more importantly, to learn to have more fun and more respect for their craft of selling and producing results for their clients. Recommended for all radio sellers and managers.

Radio Programming: The Keys to Success (Radio)
Radio’s success has always been about being local and relevant. Music genres change and so do formats, but excellent talent and local content remain the keys to success for all radio stations. Veteran programmer Fred Jacobs will hold an interactive panel on how to train and develop personalities that connect with their listeners, and ways to engage your audience to be your most important advocates. Join the group discussion to make sure that the content of our programming continues to be compelling enough in a very crowded media landscape. Recommended for radio personalities and programmers.

Washington Update: Regulatory & Legal Review  (Radio/TV)
OAB’s Legal Counsel David Oxenford will address the challenges and opportunities we have in Washington and on the regulatory front. David’s session is always interactive so bring your questions and concerns. Recommended for all Broadcast Managers.

Sports Play-By-Play at the Highest Level(Radio/TV)

Toby Rowland, voice of the Sooner Network, will share his tips, secrets and stories about great play-by-play announcing. Recommended for all Radio Sports Broadcasters..

Outstanding Achievement Awards and Hall of Fame Banquet

See and hear Oklahoma’s finest broadcast work, and join us in honoring Bob Carpenter at his Hall of Fame induction. Our MC for the evening will once again be the Master of the Wry, the Driest of the Dry, NAB Exec. VP of Radio John David.

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