OAB Outstanding Achievement Awards: Radio Entry Packet

Instructions for Submitting OAB Awards Entries

Entries to the OAB Outstanding Achievement Awards will be submitted using the RockOurAwards.com platform.

Below are directions for preparing and submitting entries. If you have questions, please contact RockOurAwards or OAB at the contact info below.

The contest website will open for entries on December 3. The deadline is January 13, 2019.

To Submit Entries:

  1. Login.
    1. Go to www.rockourawards.com.
    2. Create a profile (username and password) by clicking the “Register” button on the top of the homepage. Complete the information, click submit, and you’ll be taken to the OAB homepage.
    3. From the homepage you can review OAB Awards rules, submit entries, view and edit an entry, or edit your station’s information.
  2. Enter
    1. To enter a category, click “Submit Entry” and fill in the information. The headline/title should be what you would want shown on a plaque.
    2. Acceptable file formats to upload to the RockOurAwards site are .mp3, .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .doc, .docx, .wma, and .pdf files.
    3. IMPORTANT: To ensure server space for all states, RockOurAwards.com requires video entries to be linked from YouTube, Vimeo, other video hosting sites, or a station website. Simply copy/paste the video’s URL in the “Add Link” section.
    4. Special characters should be avoided in file names. Stick with letters, numbers, &, dots, dashes, and underscores.

If you have questions or need zssistance, contact RockOurAwards at info@rockourawards.com or call 800-471-1875, or contact Nancy Struby at OAB, struby@oabok.org or call 405-848-0771.


The Outstanding Achievement in Broadcasting Awards Program is an annual competitionc sponsored by the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters.

The competition encourages the highest standards of reporting, programming, and promotion.

It is designed to stimulate a desire for excellence among Oklahoma broadcasters in service to their public.


Entries are restricted to OAB member commercial and non-commercial radio stations. All entries must
have been broadcast between January 1 and December 31, 2018.

News and sportscast entries are restricted to Friday, November 30, 2018. See category for details.

There is no limit to the number of entries a station may submit, but each entry may be submitted in only one category.

Entries must be produced locally without the aid of an outside agency. Syndicated or network materials may be used, but must play a secondary role in spot production and presentation.

Audio is required on all entries. While some categories may include written narrative, the final judgement is based on the over-the-air audio.


All entries will be judged by a panel of three out-of-state professionals from the field of broadcasting. Judges will consider overall excellence in creativity, originality, technical production and effectiveness. Judges will not evaluate entries from stations with which they may have a personal or business relationship. Awards will not be given in those categories in which the quality of entries does not meet the judges’ criteria of excellence.



  • Oklahoma City and Tulsa
  • All full-power non-commercial and educational stations


  • All markets except Oklahoma City and Tulsa
  • All low power stations


Results will be posted on the OAB website at www.oabok.org on February 6, 2019.


Instructions for submitting your entries via the RockOurAwards.com platform are included in this packet. Please allow plenty of time for questions and technical assistance.


You may use the payment system provided on the RockOurAwards.com entry site, or call the OAB office to make arrangements to pay by check or to be invoiced. Entry fees are:

  • Metro Radio $25 per entry
  • Non-Metro Radio $15 per entry


The station winning the most awards will be named “Best of Show.” In case of a tie, judges will tally the scores for the individual awards. The station with the highest combined score will be named “Best of Show.”


All entries must be submitted to the Rock Our Awards website by 11:59pm on Sunday, January 13, 2019. The website will open for entries on December 3, 2018.


Community Services Award entries should be, or delivered to:

OAB Awards
6520 North Western
Suite #104
Oklahoma City, OK, 73116

or email: struby@oabok.org

You may also use the form below.

Please allow adequate time for delivery to OAB prior to the January 14 deadline.


Awards will be presented at the annual OAB Awards Banquet on Friday, April 5, 2018, at the Skirvin Hotel in Oklahoma City.

Questions? Contact Nancy Struby at (405) 848-0771 or struby@oabok.org.



An account of the important news of the day in a regularly scheduled time block. Entry may be any newscast of any length aired on November 30, 2018. All syndicated features and commercials must be deleted. Entries will be judged on local and overall content, presentation, audience appeal, and pace. Local content is a major factor in judging.

2. SPORTSCAST (Non-Metro Only)

Not play-by-play. An account of the important sports news of the day, of any length, in a regularly scheduled broadcast on November 30, 2018. Sportscast should not be edited, but submitted in their entirety. Commercials should be excluded. Entries will be judged on local and overall content, presentation, audience appeal and pace. Local content is a major factor in judging.

3. PLAY-BY-PLAY (Non-Metro Only)

The live broadcast, produced and presented by station personnel, of a local high school, college, or professional athletic event. The entry must be ten minutes or less of the continuous broadcast of a game. The entry segment may not be edited other than the exclusion of commercials, which is required. The entry will be judged on overall presentation by the broadcast team, audience appeal, pace and professionalism exhibited.

4. SPOT WEATHER (Non-Metro Only)

A single report or series of reports, or a 5-minute composite of coverage of a single weather occurrence. Coverage may take place within or outside of a regularly scheduled newscast. Reports must be live.

5. GENERAL NEWS (Metro Only)

A single news story or series of timely reports in a newscast(s). The criteria are clarity and thoroughness.

6. FEATURE—SERIES (Metro Only)

A series of reports highlighting a specific subject or perspective of a story. Topics may be news, human interest,
informational, lifestyle or service oriented, but not “breaking news.” A contrast to serious or hard news reporting. The criteria for judging are storytelling technique, human interest, entertainment or informational value, and delivery.

7. FEATURE—SINGLE (Metro & Non-Metro)

Same as #6, except a single report of a specific subject orperspective of a story.

8. COMMERCIALS (Non-Metro Only)

A single commercial announcement, 30 or 60-seconds, written and produced solely by station personnel. The use of outside agency assistance or materials is prohibited. Criteria are originality, good copy, and presentation.


Stations should submit the URL of their website’s home page. Content may be supplemented by wire services or
networks, but the website should provide timely information that is primarily generated by the station. Entries will be judged on content, writing, innovation, use of audio and video, effective use of blogs, visual design, functionality and interactivity, timeliness of updates, and news coverage for stations with news content.


  • 10a—General Image, Special Program, or On-Air Promotion or Contest
  • 10b—News, Weather, or Sports Image (Non-Metro Only)

Entries are restricted to local on-air campaigns for the particular category entered. Promotional events outside the
station are not eligible. Entries may be a single or series (maximum 3 spots per entry), written and produced in-house. Spots may not exceed 60 seconds. Syndicated or network materials may be used, but must play a secondary role in the spot production and presentation.


The on-air promotion of a station event outside of the station that may or may not have commercial sponsors. The event may generate revenues, but is not necessarily designed as a major revenue producer for the station. Entry may be a single or series. Maximum of three spots per entry. Entry is limited to on-air spots and no more than two pages of narrative. Maximum spot length is 60 seconds. Spots must have been written and produced in-house with limited use of syndicated materials.


A long form special or regular on-air program or series that does not meet the criteria of other competition categories. “Long form” is any length over five minutes. Entry must be a continuous segment of at least 5 minutes but not more than 20 minutes. The segment be unedited other than commercials and music scoping. The entry may include a one-page, double-spaced, written narrative. The criteria for judging are human interest, entertainment and/or informational value, storytelling, technique and delivery.


Entry should represent a typical broadcast. There is no minimum length; maximum length is 10 minutes. Teams are okay, must be a single entry. Entry must be a telescoped segment from one show that aired in 2018. Entry should represent your regular on-air work, not a remote or special event broadcast. Criteria are entertainment value, communicative skills, originality, community involvement, overall appeal, relevance. Documentation listing entrant’s community involvement must be submitted with aircheck.

RockOurAwards.com Website entry instructions are included above.
Please allow plenty of time for questions and technical assistance.

2019 Community Service Awards

  • Documentation

    • Please provide all information requested.
    • Do not include audio or video.
    • Please upload your response sheets below.
    • Submission Deadline: 11:59pm, 1/13/2020.
  • Please provide the following information on your station’s activities for the community. List each activity individually with a brief paragraph covering the following information:

    • Title of the Project or Promotion.
    • Purpose or need for the Project or Promotion
    • What role did the station play?
    • How did the station promote the project?
    • What were the results of the project and how did it benefit the community?
    • The information provided should be brief and concise.
  • Drop files here or
    A maximum of five letters from community leaders may be attached to support the station’s contribution to the community, but are not required.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.