OAB Says Farewell to William A. Weaver OAB Hall of Fame

OAB offers condolences to the friends and family of Hall of Fame member William A. Weaver, who died February 25, 2017. Mike Askins, general manager of KGFF in Shawnee, offers this wonderful tribute to his friend and mentor:

Oklahoma Broadcasting Legend William A. Weaver left this earth around 7:30 Saturday morning. Bill Weaver was a college student and the operator on duty at KGFF Radio, December 7, 1941 as WWII became a reality for the USA. Bill left OBU and KGFF and joined the Army Air Corps where he served in the Pacific Theatre of Operations. After the war, he returned to Shawnee, started a family and was General Manager of KGFF for 35 years. He was my boss for over a decade. I had the honor of being a part of the effort that got Bill inducted into the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame a few years ago.

Bill was a true mentor, and I believe his advice has helped me to do many of the things that keep local radio alive in Shawnee. Thank you, sir, for the legacy of KGFF, for TTO, Another Point of View, for your many years of service to your community and to this nation.


The Operator of Record has signed off-duty. Studio A is silent.