The National Association of Broadcasters has released information on the Census Bureau’s decision to target ad buys in states where participation is below average.
Oklahoma is one of those states.

OAB has no control over which stations will receive the buys, but we do know that many Oklahoma counties are considered a priority by the Census Bureau. We encourage you to look at the information linked in the message below, particularly at the map showing the counties with the lowest penetration of census engagement. If you have audience in those counties, your should submit an RFP immediately. They would like to be on the air ASAP and run for about six weeks, so time is of the essence. 
Please note: Non-subscribers to Nielsen Audio are still eligible to submit the RFP.

From the NAB: Census Bureau Accepting Ad Buy Proposals from Local Stations

NAB has been aggressively seeking federal advertising opportunities for local radio and television stations facing enormous economic challenges due to the pandemic. To that end, NAB has been in contact with the Census Bureau on utilizing local broadcast advertising to increase response rates to the census in areas where they fall below the national average. We’re pleased that the Census Bureau just announced a $75 million RFP process for spots that will target mostly rural areas beginning in August and September. As the media planning and buying window is extremely tight, we encourage stations that are interested in submitting a proposal to do so as soon as possible.
Information about the submission process and the Census Bureau’s media campaign can be found here.
The Census Bureau’s media vendor, Team Y&R, is accepting proposals here.