2021 Hall of Fame Nomination

Nomination Deadline: November 20, 2020

The OAB Hall of Fame Award is the highest honor bestowed upon an individual by the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters. Recipients of the OAB Hall of Fame Award are individuals who have attained positions of national prominence in the industry or its allied fields, or have been major contributors to the growth and welfare of radio and television in Oklahoma or nationally, and have been exemplary stewards of broadcasting.

Saidie Adwon
Robert Allen
Lee Anderson
Gene Autry
Bob Barry
Bob Barry, Jr.
Ed Birchall
Belva Brissett
Bob Brewer
John Brooks
Bob Brown
Bob Carpenter
Linda Cavanaugh
Jack Cresse
John David
Jan Dean
Ransom Drewry
Brad Edwards

Chuck Edwards
Douglas Edwards
Gary England
John Erling
Al Eschbach
Jim Giles
Tom Goodgame
Curt Gowdy
Ken Greenwood
John Griffin
Jim Hartz
Vance Harrison
Paul Harvey
Ron Hays
Ned Hockman
Bob Hower
Dick Johnson
Ronnie Kaye

Ron Kirby
Carole Lambert
James Leake
Chris Lincoln
Frank McGee
Jack Morris
Edwin Nall
Jack Ogle
Allan Page
Patti Page
Larry Patton
Jerry Park
Billy Parker
Dr. Ed Paulin
William H. Payne
Russell Perry
Bill Platt
Oral Roberts

Will Rogers

Dick Schmitz
John Shannon
Carl C. Smith
Helen A. Smith
Lee Allen Smith
Tony Stizza
Jan Stratton
Bill Teegins
Bill Thrash
Ed Turner
Clayton Vaughn
Don Wallace
William Weaver
Jerry Webber
Dale Wehba
Danny Williams
Harold Wright

Nominees for the OAB Hall of Fame must have an Oklahoma background by birth, residence, or employment. They must be at least 35 years old, and must have worked in the broadcast industry or a related field.

Representatives of OAB member stations or the general public may submit nominations for these awards. Final selection for the award is at the discretion of the OAB Board of Directors. Submission of a nomination application is merely an application for consideration and does not assure the nominee of recognition by the OAB. Nominations will be valid for three years after submission.

The OAB Hall of Fame Award will be presented during the OAB Awards Banquet at the 2021 Convention.

The deadline for submission of nominations November 20, 2020. Nominations should be submitted using the following form.

Hall of Fame Nomination Form

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  • Hall of Fame nominees are scored and selected based on the information submitted under the five categories listed below. The completeness and clarity of the information submitted is an important factor in the judging. Explicit information must be submitted in all of the categories.

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