Emergency Alert System

The times shown are the origination times of State Tests. The tests may be received by your stations up to 2 hours after the origination time. This depends on whether your station has a direct link or relay with other stations. State monthly tests (RMT) are required and must be re-transmitted within 60 minutes of the time they are received. Weekly local tests (RWT) are also required to be run.

Stations are reminded that their EAS receiver must be programmed to receive all of the codes listed in the Oklahoma State Plan. If you need a copy of the Plan, contact the OAB office.

State EAS Required Monthly Tests (RMT) Transmission Dates/Times

Jan-05-202111:15 a.m.
Feb-09-202111:15 p.m.
Mar-09-202111:15 a.m.
Apr-06-202111:15 p.m.
May-04-202111:15 a.m.
Jun-08-202111:15 p.m.
Jul-06-202111:15 a.m.
Aug-03-202111:15 p.m.
Sep-07-202111:15 a.m.
Oct-05-202111:15 p.m.
Nov-09-202111:15 a.m.
Dec-07-202111:15 p.m.

Any questions about EAS should be directed to State Co-Chairmen Roger Herring or Britt Lockhart. Call the OAB office at (405) 848-0771 for contact information, or log onto the EAS website at www.okeas.org.

To insure proper logging of state EAS Tests we suggest you furnish a copy of this schedule to your Traffic department and post this information in the control room.