2019 OAB Convention

Thursday & Friday

April 4–5

Mark your planner for the 2019 OAB Convention at the beautiful and historic Skirvin Hotel in Oklahoma City, April 4-5! We have put together a great line-up of sessions and speakers, and look forward to seeing old friends and new faces.

Rooms at the Skirvin are $149 for single or double. The group rate expires March 3. We have a limited number of rooms at this rate, so book your room today!

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Make Plans to Visit Our Exhibitors

Exhibit space is available for Friday, April 5

Whether you are a returning exhibitor or a first-timer, we hope you will join us for our 2019 Annual Convention.

Exhibits will be featured on Friday, April 5, from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Please note: our annual Engineering Conference will NOT be held this year, but will return on April 3, 2020, in Tulsa. We will have regular sessions attended by radio and television management, production, news, and sales personnel. To secure your space, please submit the reservation form as soon as possible. Confirmed exhibitors will select their booth locations on a first-come basis.

There will be 12 booths in the pre-function area outside the meeting rooms and three booths inside an adjacent ballroom. If you would like a map of the area, contact Nancy Struby.

See you at Convention 2019!

2019 Schedule and Session Information

Thursday, April 4

8:00 am

Registration Opens


OAB/OBEA Student Day Career Fair


Student Appreciation Luncheon & Awards Ceremony



“News and Storytelling Slam Session"

Al Tompkins, The Poynter Institute

Al Tompkins, the Senior Executive at the Poynter Institute, will provide a fast-paced session that will build your writing and storytelling muscles. Specific examples from Newsrooms Big and Small will cover: Story Shapes--what goes in a story and why; Story Leads--effective openings to compelling stories; Effective Soundbites; Story Focus--how to keep your story from wandering off track, and Word Order--the same simple numbering system that everyone from Shakespeare to the Beatles has used with success.

Writing is the key to excellent News and Communication, and Al provides the hands-on training to succeed at your station.

Recommended for Everyone Involved in the Story Process.



“Seller Recruitment/Retention and On-Boarding:
The Life Blood for All Broadcasters”

Laurie Kahn, Media Staffing Network

With the lowest unemployment in decades, broadcasters need to attract, hire, engage and retain the best possible sellers. You are now in competition with other industries in and out of media; and the competition to hire is fierce! In this session we will share how recruiting has changed and why you must have a “Talent Acquisition” strategy in place. Veteran Broadcaster Laurie Kahn, owner of Media Staffing Network will discuss 1) what the sales team of tomorrow will look like, 2) how to better compensate, 3) why social media has to be a major part of your plan, 4) building a local pipeline of prospective candidates and how to work it, and 5) why accountability for managers to recruit is mandatory and how to properly onboard for better success. There is no more important process than the recruitment of Excellent Sellers who are the life-blood for all broadcasters.



"The Leadership Skills Necessary for a Winning Culture
on Your Team"

     Dan Oblinger, Leadercraft

Respected leadership is required to produce a winning culture on any business team. Dan Oblinger is a trained and experienced Hostage Negotiator who has mastered the art of persuading people in crisis to make great decisions despite the worst circumstances. Learn as he shares hard-won lessons about leadership and culture. “Leadership From The Ledge” is a clear call to action for anyone who wants to lead their team towards excellence.



Legal & Regulatory Q&A

David Oxenford, Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP

David Oxenford, the OAB’s DC-based legal counsel, will provide an open and robust Q & A session for those who want to interact with a 30-year veteran of FCC and DC issues facing broadcasters. David is able to concisely frame our issues and give specific and easy to understand solutions to questions many broadcasters have. This is your chance to fully grasp our challenges and ask for the advice you might need. Recommended for all Managers and EEO Compliance Officers.


Welcome Reception, Dinner, and Musical Treat

The OAB is proud to present BMI's high-energy and talented songwriter and piano player James SlaterJames has numerous Grammy nominations and has written songs for Tim McGraw, Willie Nelson, Rascal Flatts, Reba McEntire, Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney, Alabama and a host of other stars. What distinguishes James is his virtuoso piano playing talent with a rock-n-roll and Latin music flavor. James was born in North Carolina but raised in the tropics of the Panama Canal Zone and he will “wow you” with his energy and speed on the piano. His tributes to Jerry Lee Lewis and Leon Russell are simply awesome.

Friday, April 5


Registration & Continental Breakfast



“Managing Newsroom Stress and Trauma”

Al Tompkins, The Poynter Institute

Poynter Senior Faculty member Al Tompkins and his wife, Reverend Sidney Tompkins, combine his decades of news experience and her lifetime work in psychotherapy to help journalists understand and manage the stress that surrounds newsrooms daily. It is not just the overwhelming news events but the culmination of repeated exposure to sad, tragic and sometimes graphic news events that weighs on journalists. Learn how photojournalists, producers and younger journalists may be paying the highest price and how news managers can spot stressors as they develop. This is a practical, sometimes emotional and vitally important session for every journalist at every level.



"The Future of Radio: The Digital and Connected Experience"

Jeff Deitweiler, Xperi

An overview of HD Radio™ technology, its North American rollout, and how digital and Connected Radio are changing the way listeners experience and interact with your station.



“Us vs. Them: Broadcast Television Dominates Cable
and Satellite Viewership and Effectiveness”

     Rob Russo, President and CEO RNR Media Consulting

Broadcast television still dwarfs the delivery of cable’s programming, and its effectiveness is even more dramatic. Rob Russo, a veteran of both the cable industry and the broadcast TV business, goes into the data to prove the superior value of broadcast television and why the plethora of dots and spots on cable still does not move the needle for the advertiser. Rob will walk you through why broadcast television is still the most effective form of video advertising and how your clients can deliver the results they need with the investment that makes sense for their campaign. It is simple: In Us vs. Them, broadcast television still dominates.



Local Direct Selling: How to Ask For and Receive
More Investment From Your Clients

     Paul Weyland, Weyland Communication Strategies

One of the most dynamic sales trainers ever, Paul Weyland will walk you through the process of asking for significantly more from your prospects and receiving more from your Direct Clients. They simply want a better idea and are more than willing to pay more for a much better return on their investment. Our advertising revenues are tied directly to the results of our advertisers, so this is your chance to make their message more valuable and therefore your revenue higher.




“Be a Story Machine”

Al Tompkins, The Poynter Institute

Poynter Institute's Al Tompkins wrote for years “Al’s Morning Meeting," a daily newsletter packed with story ideas. Let him show you the treasure chests where you can find data, story leads, breakthrough research, trends, warnings, inspections and audits that will help you enterprise stories no one in your market knows about. Original Enterprise reporting is the Best Journalism. Stop copying others and find your stories starting right now. There is nothing better than returning to your newsroom loaded with impressive ideas after this session.



“Radio Stations Out-Deliver the Fragmented Cable and Satellite Options in Your Market”

Rob Russo, President and CEO RNR Media Consulting

Whether you are in a rated or non-rated market, Radio listening continues to outreach the local cable and satellite programs--and by a large margin. Cable and satellite television is a very small and highly fragmented model. In all market. clusters of radio stations out deliver them and more importantly do so much more efficiently. Rob Russo will walk us through the audience edge Radio has and the cost savings we provide. The bottom line is Radio is a much more effective way to market goods and services versus Cable or Satellite advertising. This session will help you dismiss the myth that cable advertising is a better value than radio advertising.



“Local Broadcast News and Its Powerful Impact on a Marketplace”

Chris Lang, SmithGeiger

Chris Lang, partner at SmithGeiger, will share the latest research relating to the High Value consumers' place on local news, including key indicators like Trust, Influence, and the Impact of Local Media on brand affinity and Purchase Decisions. Additionally, this discussion will cover consumers growing dependence on OTT for local content and therefore your opportunities for revenue growth.


OAB Membership Luncheon

Join us as we induct Al Eschbach into the OAB Hall Of Fame. Al began his Sports Radio career in 1976 at KTOK in Oklahoma City and was the third broadcaster in the country to have a dedicated sports talk show. For the past 42 years, Al has been Oklahoma’s preeminent Sports Talker who dominates the ratings and, more importantly, “Moves the Needle” with the sports listeners of Oklahoma. Since 1985, Al has called WWLS/The Sports Animal his home.  Al’s decorated career is enhanced by his innovation. While the Sports Talk Format has tremendous talent nationally, Al’s presence has had a profound effect on the format. Al has also taught Sports Journalism at the University of Oklahoma since 2003. To introduce Al, we are honored to have the legendary Coach Barry Switzer as his presenter.



“Digital Selling that Makes Sense and Makes Money”

Gary Moore, LocalBroadcastSales.com

Gary Moore, President of Local Broadcast Sales will frame your go-to-market strategy in today’s crazy digital media-mix world. He will specifically give you opportunities that are attainable and profitable and do it without your head exploding from the many options in a fast and changing landscape. He will describe the “Have-To-Do's” from “The Theory” to show how you can blend digital selling into your core business of Broadcast Sales. Digital selling is often complicated and difficult, and Gary will set you on your way to making money without distracting yourself from the goal of being successful and not just trading dollars.



"Coaching Legend Barry Switzer & OAB Hall of Famer Al Eschbach:
A One-on-One Q & A with Oklahoma’s Finest Sportsmakers”

As we induct Al Eschbach into the OAB Hall of Fame for his 42 years of Sports Broadcasting excellence and innovation, we will have the King of OU Football Barry Switzer as his guest in a compelling and exciting Q & A session for those who want the inside story of why Oklahoma is the mecca for college sports. Watch how this special relationship of Broadcaster and Coach has developed over the years and why they are arguably two of the most recognized and admired men in Oklahoma Sports. Here’s your chance to listen to them recount the past and your opportunity ask them questions in an intimate atmosphere.



"Washington Update: Legal & Regulatory Review"

     David Oxenford, Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP

David Oxenford has guided the OAB with his legal counsel for over twenty years. This session will give our annual “Check-Up” on the challenges and Opportunities we face in the ever changing legal world. Topics to be addressed will include: The current state of the FCC, risks and choices broadcasters have, Medical Marijuana laws, and trends in FCC enforcement and compliance. This session is a must to make sure you are on-track in our regulated industry. Recommended for all Managers.


Annual Membership Meeting


OAB Hall of Fame and Outstanding Achievement Awards
Reception & Banquet

Before we honor the outstanding work done by the radio and television broadcasters of Oklahoma, Vance Harrison will be inducted into the OAB Hall of Fame. Vance’s came to Oklahoma in 1988 to be the General Manager of KOMA AM/FM and KRXO FM in Oklahoma City. By 2004 the cluster grew to include KMGL FM (OKC) and KBEZ and KHTT in Tulsa. Vance was the Managing Partner of OU Football and Basketball from 1991-1998, and in 1998 was a founding partner of Sooner Sports Properties, the multi-media rights holder to OU Athletics. Since 2007, Vance has been the President of the OAB which represents and advocates for the Oklahoma Broadcasters on a state and national level.


After-Dinner Reception