Bill Platt
OAB Hall of Fame
Inducted 1989

Joseph E. “Bill” Platt began his sports reporting career while still at Stillwater High School. He spent many of his years broadcasting Oklahoma State University basketball, baseball and doing color on OSU football.

He enrolled in the first radio class offered at OSU after serving in the air force during World War II. He began broadcasting with KOCY in Oklahoma City, where he met Curt Gowdy doing sports with the Oklahoma City Indians.

He was sports director at Ponca City’s WBBZ nine years and spent 30 years with KSPI AM/FM in Stillwater becoming general manager in 1963 until his retirement in 1988.

Among his many accomplishments in broadcasting, he has been recognized five times as Sportscaster of the Year in Oklahoma. He has helped many students come through KSPI and advance their careers. He served on the OAB Board of Directors and was president in 1973.