Bob Barry, Jr.
OAB Hall of Fame
Inducted 2016

Starting in 1980 while at OU as a Journalism major calling high school football games, Bob Barry Junior’s special enthusiasm was the hallmark of his prolific career. He joined his legendary father Bob Barry Sr. at Channel 4 in Oklahoma City, and for 35 years he forged his own way—uniquely changing the perspective on sports and the way it was reported. His rapport with athletes, university executives, coaches, and especially fans, made him the guy we all cheered for. His audience was boundless because he was universally loved by all who watched or heard him.

Bob’s career was multi-dimensional due to his “switch-hitting” role as a daily reporter/anchor for both radio and television. His shows on WWLS AM/FM (The Sports Animal Network) were the highest rated, and his nightly appearances on KFOR TV 4 gave everyone comfort that the sports world had the perfect man reporting on the events. Bobby was Oklahoma Sports and every viewer or listener knew that if “Junior” talked about something, it was not only important but it would be interesting.

Bob was named Oklahoma Sportscaster of the Year six times, and won countless awards as the most respected sportscaster of his time. But even more impressive was the love all Oklahomans had for the Barry family and Bob’s generosity and caring. Bob Barry Jr. made sports fun, and he made broadcasting a better business.