Bob Barry Sr.
OAB Hall of Fame
Inducted 1999

Few people have the passion for, and dedication to, their profession as Bob Barry.  A passion that began in his childhood dreams of becoming a sportscaster, and continued throughout his broadcast career.  A dedication to taking a natural talent and developing it to its fullest through hard work and desire.

Bob began his broadcasting career at KNOR, Norman, in 1955.  During his 15 year tenure at the station, he served as account executive, sales manager, DJ, news, and sports anchor.  His first play-by-play experience came in the broadcast of a Norman High School game in 1956. The greatest thrill of his career came just 5 years later in 1961, when he was selected to be the Voice of the Oklahoma Sooners.  It was a big jump, from broadcasting high school games to one of the nation’s premier athletic programs. He was associated with the Sooners through 1972. From 1973-1990, Bob was the voice of the Oklahoma State Cowboys. In 1991, he rejoined the Sooner network and continues to be the voice that brings Sooner games alive.

Bob Barry’s radio career, in 1966, took on a new dimension when he joined KFOR-TV.  Over the years, he has served KFOR-TV as the warm and friendly anchor with a great sense of humor delivering the sports news each evening.

He has been named Oklahoma Sportscaster of the Year fifteen times.  His contributions to journalism were recognized in 1998 when he was named to the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame.

It is often said, “It’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.”  Bob Barry Sr.--a winner who has played, and called the game, very well.