Dale Wehba
OAB Hall of Fame
Inducted 3/27/08


Dale WehbaThe dawn of the Rock and Roll era in radio had a few great pioneers throughout the country, and one of the finest was Dale Wehba in Oklahoma. Dale's instincts told him that rock would resonate with the listeners, and he had the ability to pick the right music and program it to be exciting—to make radio come alive.

Dale started his professional career at KOCY Oklahoma City in 1957, and later became Music Director and Program Director. He then moved to Wichita in the early 1960's where he honed his on-air skills before returning to Oklahoma City at WKY, where his high-energy radio show flourished. In 1964, KOMA made him head of programming, a position he held until 1967. Dale then took his talents to larger markets such as Detroit (CKLW) and Boston (WMEX) and was number one at both stations as a programmer and personality. WKY knew Dale was a winner and rehired him in the early 1970's to continue their dominance in the very competitive rock radio wars.

As Dale continued to compete at the highest levels of radio, he always knew that the right musical mix and the right personality was how a station reached number one. Long before computers and consultants, Dale was able to take every station he programmed to the top position, all the while using his signature phrase "VIVA LA WEHBA."

In the rock and roll era, Dale was a pioneer and an artist, a programmer who understood the unique relationship of excellent radio and the music.