Ed Birchall
“Ho-Ho the Clown”
OAB Hall of Fame
Inducted 2010

Hoho the Clown, Ed BirchalEd Birchall, also known as Ho-Ho the Clown, was the beloved star of the longest standing locally produced television show in Oklahoma City. From 1959-1988, Ho-Ho the Clown was a fixture on KOCO TV 5 with numerous shows including his award winning daily show, Lunch with Ho-Ho. Ho-Ho’s ability to relate to kids of all ages was inspiring. He wrote and produced all of his shows. In addition to his creative talent and ability to entertain, Ho-Ho was always able to convey respect and integrity to his viewers.


Ho-Ho was the ambassador for KOCO and parlayed his immense popularity into the Oklahoma City community in his numerous charitable contributions. Ho-Ho was a true pioneer in television programming and had a huge impact on the lives of his viewers. Ed Birchall worked at KOCO until his death in July of 1988.