Edwin Nall
OAB Hall of Fame
Inducted 2012

The radio industry has seen many changes, but perhaps none was more dramatic than the advent of FM radio in the 1950’s. The pioneer who put on one of the first FM stations in Oklahoma was Edwin Nall in 1958 with KYFM in Oklahoma City. Ed was convinced of the superior fidelity of FM radio and recognized that stereophonic recordings at 15,000 cycles was the wave of the future. At the time there were virtually no FM receivers; yet Ed persevered, and KYFM soon became the first FM station to sign with a major radio network. Ed later put KNBQ, Oklahoma City, on the air in 1965.

Ed was also quite an athlete having been a star at Waurika High School. He saw the value of live-local sports on the radio and for a twenty year period produced most of the sports broadcasts in Oklahoma. These broadcasts included the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City University, The Oklahoma City 89ers and the Universities of Kansas and Missouri. Ed also was the first to broadcast the NCAA Final Four and the Big Eight Basketball tournament and the first to broadcast local High School sports on television.

As the consummate broadcaster, Ed was also generous with his community service. After serving with honor in the Army Air Corp during World War II, Ed was an active member of numerous charitable foundations and was inducted into the Oklahoma City University Athletics Hall of Fame. In his later years, Ed was able to take his considerable life experiences and become an acclaimed author collaborating on a couple of historical books about Oklahoma. In 2008 we lost Ed at age 86, but he will forever be remembered as a true pioneer in the radio business and a true believer in the Power of Radio.