Ned Hockman
OAB Hall of Fame
Inducted 1996

A master of film, Ned Hockman influenced the careers of some of the nation’s and world’s finest photographers and journalists.  During his over forty year career, he photographed two wars, presidents and celebrities by the score, captured over thirty-six years of Oklahoma University football on film, directed a feature film and television syndicated sports programs, and turned thousands of eager students into visual storytellers.

A native of Carnegie, Oklahoma, Ned served as a faculty member of the of the University of Oklahoma School of Journalism and Mass Communications from 1967 to 1987.  In 1984 he was named a David Ross Boyd Distinguished Professor. For thirty years he served as the host and co-director of the Annual National Press Photographers Association’s TV-News Video Workshop conducted each year on the OU campus--an event where the finest photojournalist in the business came to share with the future storytellers.

Ned’s contributions to his school, community, state, nation and profession have been numerous.  His awards have been many including the highest award given in the field of Photo-Television Journalism, the National Press Photographers Association Joseph A. Sprague Memorial Award.

A former student described Ned Hockman’s teaching attitude as “I’m telling you the truth, but don’t let it scare you--just learn from it.  I want to teach you to realize what’s best, but remember, I’ll allow for mistakes--which are inevitable and vital in the trail of wisdom.”

Ned Hockman, a teacher of note.