Oral Roberts
OAB Hall of Fame
Inducted 2010

Oral RobertsSince his first inspirational radio broadcasts in 1947 of Healing Waters, Oral Roberts has been a pioneer in radio and television programming. His vision of broadcasting let him expand his audience from a dusty tent on the outskirts of town to the living rooms around the world. His first television program, Your Faith of Power was introduced in 1954 and by 1957 The Abundant Life program aired on over 135 stations reaching over 80% of America. Oral’s Tulsa ministry continued to expand and from 1969-1980 NBC produced and distributed his quarterly Prime Time Specials known for their celebrity guests, music, and Oral’s positive preaching.


Oral was also an Educator and founded Oral Roberts University in 1965. ORU is a Christian liberal arts university with 5300 undergraduates and home to KGEB TV 53 a “Family Safe” station that beams its 24-hour programming via satellite around the world. Oral’s lifetime commitment as an Evangelist, Broadcaster and Educator is profound. His impact on the broadcasting industry is immense. Oral passed away in December of 2009.