Saidie Adwon
OAB Hall of Fame
Inducted 1989

Saidie Adwon, a true lady who stepped into what was then a man’s world and paved the way for future generations. Saidie is considered the “Grande Dame” of Oklahoma broadcasting.
She started broadcast sales with KTUL radio in 1945. She was the first woman to enter the broadcast sales field in Tulsa and she excelled over her male counterparts.

She transferred to KTUL-TV when that station went on the air in 1954 as an account executive. Later she became regional sales manager and in 1980 became the first woman vice president, general manager of a television station in the state of Oklahoma.

When KTUL sold in 1983, Saidie joined KWTV as regional sales manager. Three years later, KPOM in Fort Smith was purchased by Griffing Television Company and she began handling Oklahoma sales for KPOM also.

She is a past National President of AWRT. She served on the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters Board of Directors. She is a past “Silver Addy” winner, Tulsa’s highest advertising honor.

Saidie is the most respected lady whoever graced the Oklahoma broadcasting scene. She earned that respect from the broadcasting and advertising committees for her performance long before “woman’s rights” became an issue. She has served her industry and community well.