Al Eschbach
Inducted 2019

Trained as a print journalist, Al Eschbach began his broadcasting career in 1976 as the Sports Director of KTOK in Oklahoma City. In 1985 he moved to WWLS/The Sports Animal where he became the dominant sports talk host in Oklahoma for decades. Al could immediately assess and discuss the sports of the day in a conversation that resonated with the legions of Oklahoma fans. Al became the first outlet for their sporting news and opinions, and his commentary became legendary to Oklahoma fans. Al was always the original and unique voice for Oklahoma Sports.

Nationally, Al was the Pioneer for sports talk show hosts. His innovation and passion have left an indelible mark on the format throughout the country. Al’s leadership, credibility, and intense popularity has driven the format to new heights in both ratings and revenue.

Al also excelled as the television host of numerous coaches shows from 1973-2006. And since 2003, Al has given back to the profession by teaching Sports Journalism at the University of Oklahoma’s Gaylord School of Journalism.

In a career of Sports Greatness, Al Eschbach has been a Broadcaster, an Innovator, and an Educator.
Industry Advocate.