William H. Payne
OAB Hall of Fame
Inducted 2014

William "Bill" H. Payne - OAB Hall of FameKWHP AM, Cushing, is where William Haydon “Bill” Payne started his career at age 12 in 1951. His passion for radio continued to Guthrie (KWRW AM), Oklahoma City (KOMA), and Edmond, where he signed-on his first station, KWHP FM in 1962. Since then Bill has parlayed his high energy and love for radio into owning nine stations, all in Eastern Oklahoma.

Bill’s unique path to ownership was based on being the Complete Broadcaster. Bill is a seasoned programmer who excels at play-by-play sports. Bill is also an excellent engineer, a savvy salesman, and a visionary marketer. Bill’s success has earned him numerous national awards including his induction into the Country Radio Hall of Fame in 2011. Bill was also the Executive Director for the International Broadcasters Idea Bank for twelve years. As Bill built his radio group, he never forgot the special connection radio has with its listeners. Bill has always believed in giving more than he receives, and radio has been his way to support many charities and non-profits for so long.

In an age of specialists, it is refreshing to witness an independent entrepreneur succeed by being the Complete Broadcaster. Radio is a magical vehicle that can entertain and inform and help develop better communities. All of Oklahoma is fortunate to have benefited from Bill Payne’s dedication and love for radio for the past 60 years.