FCC Issues for Broadcasters During the Pandemic
Tuesday, April 21 | 2 PM EDT

While the FCC building is virtually empty, the Commission continues to operate during the pandemic. In fact, it has issued a number of rulings designed to help broadcasters during the current crisis while continuing to churn out its routine work.

On Tuesday, April 21, WBK will present a free webinar with David Oxenford to discuss what broadcasters need to know about what the FCC is doing during the pandemic.

Questions to be addressed include:

  1. Can I still contact the FCC, and will they still act on my applications?
  2. How does the pandemic affect FCC filing deadlines and the public file obligations?
  3. Has the FCC provided any relief for broadcasters?
  4. What was that political broadcasting ruling last week?
  5. FCC issues you should be considering if you are working remotely.
  6. What other actions of importance to broadcasters has the FCC taken in the last few

Please join us by registering at: bit.ly/FCCIssuesforBroadcasters.