Mark this down! Oklahoma Primary Election Day, Tuesday June 30th. Why? Because Primary Election Day can also be the start of your sprint for more political ad dollars than you’ve ever written. And if you don’t get them, your competitors will. Learn how your Radio Stations can sell political advertising immediately following the Primary Elections. Mark Levy with Revenue Development Resources will cover:

  • An understanding of what 2020 has meant to 2020 political advertising
  • Where political ad dollars are likely to go
  • Digital ad changes and how that affects potential broadcast sales
  • Where digital suggests some of their previously earmarked money go
  • Why local political dollars may be more important than national dollars
  • Common-sensical things we forget about that cost us political buys
  • The value of Ballotpedia and The Edmonds Database
  • How to find who is running, and a key question that can justify a bigger schedule
  • The value of your database qualitative
  • An intro letter template designed to get candidates to meet with you
  • A Lowest Unit Rate Template tool that actually works
  • The often-overlooked danger of social media, political advertising, and low rates
  • Eleven ideas for upsells and new non-political business
  • Political ad copy help, including a source for thousands of political ads
  • And this is broadcasting, so of course, “and more!”

Go here for details and registration information.