Jacobs Media is offering OAB member radio stations a free webinar next Thursday on a significant, recently-completed national listener study.

Please register with the link at the bottom.  There is a limited number of slots, so register at your earliest convenience.

Pathway Thru the Pandemic: Results from Our COVID-19 Tracking Study

Thursday, June 11th at 1:00pm CT

Radio broadcasters are experiencing the most tumultuous times ever. It has never been more important to have clear insight into the mood of the audience. Jacobs Media recently completed its second national study of radio listeners and will be sharing key findings in a webinar for member radio stations of State Broadcaster Associations. You’ll learn the audience’s mindset, what they’re looking for from radio, and how their purchasing and consumption patterns will change as a result of the pandemic.

There is timely and useful information for General Managers, Program Directors, Sales Managers, and Air Personalities.

The webinar covers the following areas:
The impact and the future of working from home

How radio listeners view the COVID-19 pandemic and what they believe the future will bring

How radio has performed so far, and audience expectations this summer – and beyond

How media habits have changed since the outbreak – and where they’re headed

How consumer behavior is changing, and which activities are of the most highest interest – and also the most perceived risk.

The webinar is available to the first 1,000 participants. Join us by registering at https://jacobsmedia.com/webinar-pathway-thru-the-pandemic-results-from-our-covid-19-tracking-study/