The OAB travelled to Washington DC in late February to meet with our Congressional Delegation and to thank them for their support of Free-Local-Over-The-Air Broadcasting. We have full support from them on the three pressing issues at hand:

  1. Their support of The RADIO PERFORMANCE TAX. All five congressman have signed the Resolution to oppose a Performance Tax.
  2. Their support to raise the statutory limit of compensation to television stations in the upcoming “RE-PACK” of spectrum by one billion dollars (which passed and was signed into law in the Omnibus Bill).
  3. Their support of the Full Deductibility of Advertising as a Business Expense in the year it occurs, which is now law.

Representing the OAB were:

OAB Chairman Heston Wright, Wright Radio in Western Oklahoma.
OAB Past Chairman David Griffin, Griffin Communications in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.
NAB Board member Roger Harris, Chickasaw Nation Radio.
OAB member Cathy Gunther, Cox Media Group, Tulsa.
OAB Vice President Nancy Struby.
OAB President Vance Harrison.