State Basketball Championships Phone Line Reservations

The OAB will again arrange for radio broadcast lines and space reservations at the sites of the State High School Basketball Championships.

Use of the lines must be scheduled through the OAB. Click here to request lines and space.

Please be prepared to use your cell phone or bring digital equipment when covering games at schools that no longer have analog lines. You will still need to fill out the reservation form to request space in the gym to set up your equipment.

As a service to our members, these lines will be provided at no charge to OAB members in good standing. This represents a savings of approximately $40 per game for our members who use the lines. Please make sure your dues are current before reserving lines.

Please note: The OAB will not provide telephone lines for games in Tulsa other than ORU Mabee Center. The limited line usage does not merit cost of installation. Should you need assistance, call the OAB office and we will provide you with the local school contact info.